CO2 Laser Cutting

• 2 Trumpf TruLaser 3030 – 3530 Lasers
Working area: mm 1500x3000
Power: 4000 watt
Cutting thickness:
Steel: 20 mm, Stainless steel: 15 mm, Aluminum:10 mm

TruLaser laser systems guarantee a high cutting quality, with neat cutting edges, that do not require further finishing operations.
The machines are served by a Stopa automatic warehouse with 346 sheet metal racks, with a length of 42 meters and a height of 7 meters.
Each machine has a dedicated Liftmaster loading and unloading station for the production in unattended shifts.

Combined Laser Punching

• Combined Trumpf TruMatic 6000L Laser/punching machine
Working area: 3000x1500 mm with repositioning
Power: 3200 W
Swift Master with 23 punching heads
Working thickness:
Steel and stainless steel: 8 mm aluminum 4 mm

Versatile system with laser technology and optimized punching.
The power of the punching head and the laser guarantees high productivity and excellent quality.


• 2 Schiavi HFB 80-25 bending machines
80 Ton x 2500 mm
• 1 Schiavi HFB 220-40 bending machine
220 Ton x 4000 mm
• 1 Trumabend Trumpf V850S bending machine
85 Ton x 2500 mm with 6 independent axes for inclined bending
Bending thickness:10 mm

• 1 roll bending machine with 4 rolls, Lenght: 1000 mm
• 1 roll bending machine with 3 rolls, Lenght: 1200 mm

Welding and Robotic Welding

• 1 Panasonic welding Robot with rotating table
working area: 1200x1700 mm

• 1 Fanuc Arc Mate 120 iB/10L welding Robot with rotating table
working area: 1000x1500 mm

• 1 Kempi welding machine with horizontal positioner
working area: 1500x800 mm

• 4 stations for manual welding
• Electric spot-welding

One Touch Faastener System

• 1 HAEGER 824 One Touch automatic machine
with CNC for self-tapping male and female inserts
with 4 independent loading and hooking stations
working area: 610 mm
1000 inserts/hour per station
Tool change in 3 seconds
Power up to 8 tons

Robotic Brushing and Polishing

• 1 FANUC 3D Brushing and Polishing Robot
6 Independent control units with automatic pressure, compensation, speed and abrasive paste dosing controlling
The units are flexible and adaptable to a wide range of products that require special finishing of polishing, grinding and brushing finishing.

Abrasive Micro Blasting

NORBLAST S8014 micro blasting system
with ceramic or glass spheres
Equipped with a vacuum shot system.
The cubic form and generous volumes make it particularly easy to move the components to be treated inside of the cabin.
Filtration system dedicated to self-cleaning cartridges, for de-dusting the work booth, sucking up the crushed material and preventing the micro-powders from being dispersed in the surrounding environment.

Manual Brushing

• 1 Costa MA2 CCS 1150 deburring machine
working area 1150x1180 H:740-900 mm
working thickness 0,8 to 160 mm

• 2 manual deburring machines