Fonderia Gollini

The company

The Foundry Gollini was founded in 1954 and in 2015 it became part of the ISAF Group.
The Foundry Gollini is able to produce a wide range of castings, in gray cast iron and ductile cast iron, with specific solutions on thousands of different fusions, both in series and in small quantities, with weights ranging from 100 grams to 600 kg net, with models to 95 % of wood or resin.
Thanks to a high degree of technical flexibility and experience acquired over the years, the Foundry Gollini is able to offer significant quality standards of personalized products, with relatively low delivery times.

The cores are produced both internally, by hand, with continuous mixers or mullers, using new sand from Priverno and alkyd resin with a catalyst, and externally with the support of experts and trusted suppliers.
Also the surface treatments, including sandblasting, deburring, painting and heat treatments are delivered by external suppliers.

The oven has a nominal capacity of 8 Tons, in which various types of cast iron are prepared, including:

  • cast iron G20, G25, G30
  • alloyed cast iron, Cr, Mo, Ti
  • Ductile cast iron GS 400, GS500, GS 600

The automatic green sand molding are provided by a Foundry Automation system,  with 700 x 700 x 270+ 270 mm brackets  that permit a nominal productivity of 30/35 complete brackets per hour (without cores). The pattern plates can be used:

  • full 1/1, 2/2
  • in half, quartered
  • 4/4, or
  • or 1/2 + 2/4, with rapid plaque changer.

In the forming department there can be produced brackets of various sizes,
depending on the size of the molten mass, to be provided